Vibe with Me / Manchester

Hey every one , in last days i was lucky to get myself camera and i dedicate to walk around Manchester see what cool places I can find so there is some pic from that day hope u will enjoy .

And this is the place i fall in love from the first look haha, hope i will have some free time next week so i can visit it and do some pictures for u guys and also tell u how it was ♥.

And that amazing building with looks like Hogwort from Harry Potter its placed next to public toilets hahahaha great job guys :D 

Hope u like pictures , and i will make sure i will do some more next time
because it was crazy cold that day. 
Sorry that the pic are not the best quality but i still learning how to use camera :)
About me doing pictures of outfits again i still didn't found a person who can help me with that, 
but as fast as i will find i will start doing pictures like this again .
See you soon :)


No make UP

New episode in life .
New city.
New people.
New work place .
New inspiration .
New ideas .

Come back to posting... :)


Work It Out !

Hey ! 
I finally got it ! I found my style, I didn`t post that much in last time, reason is that I couldn`t find style which will suit me, which I will feel really good in and comfortable. 
I try to do posts a lot of times but I didn`t feel it. 
So in my opinion there is no point to post thinks that u actually don`t like.
In this time I was tried new looks and I finally find it, actually I already knew what it was, but I didn`t want to stick to this one, I was thinking that something else will be better for me. 
I was wrong, now I`m glad that I had time to think about it. 
I find my inspiration, to work on me, and start new chapter in my life.
Now when I know what I want to do and show u, I will star again doing posts. 
I will try do at least one post per week, if I will have time and someone to do photos, 
and I will try my best to show u ME. 
See u soon  ! .


On My Mind

My Adventure In England ♥




Hi, what do you say ?

New Year new start ? (New me ?)
Inspirations 2015 !